And it's summertime.

Welcome to the summer of times. Wherever you are reading this, it is summer. Except you "downunderers" and you "kiwis", though it could be that you wait for several months to read this. 

Everyone is of course gearing up for their favourite sumer time things. Like for instance:

-Growing your flowers and vegetables. (see above pictures)

-Going to the cabin, the lake or camping.

-Hiding at home, inside and avoiding all things.

Well. lovers of reading things on the internet and probably lovers of the live improv and live comedy and live lively things. Here is what is coming up on you.

-The Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival happening at the GSAC Sept 30th - Oct 4th. Details Link

-The whole next season of Comedy Knights happening at the King's Head Pub. This means that pretty damn soon you'll be able to enjoy the FREE comedy every TUESDAY NIGHTS.

-Even more stuff that doesn't even know it exists yet.

Other highlights you might see or might have seen or wish you had or wish you would see?

Ray "2 the Limit" Fenwick performing at the Yellow Dog.

Free art installations in the Exchange District. (can you spot which one of the installations isn't art but is corporate advertising?)

Keep enjoying your season, whatever your season, and keep playing safe.

Be safe.

Be very very safe...

Hospitals are great for broken collarbones. Broken collarbones are great for killing all the fun.